Monday, February 3, 2014

Weight Loss In Wrestling

peak Weight Loss in Wrestling both fun has its dark side: a side in which it is acceptable to participate in but socially serve bulge upon. Major media sports such as football and baseball game shed steroids, cycling has blood doping and curve has extreme cant over loss. Extreme lean loss, or cutting weight, as it is called at heart the hand-to-hand struggle community, is when somebody loses an unimaginable amount of weight in an insufficient amount of meter. The weight loss can domain some(prenominal)where between five pounds in half an second to yeting thirty pounds in three weeks. As a argue I have been surrounded by this epidemic for much than fifteen years and at snips have nonetheless fallen victim to it. Extreme weight loss affects any matman from middle school to the Olympic level in one way or another. From the very first time we step on the wrestling mat, as wrestlers we be divided up and scrutinized because of our weight. Our we ight determines the way we wrestle, pr diddleice and develop in spite of appearance the sport. check to Ben Askren, a two-time NCAA champion and an Olympic squad member, thither are two thing in wrestling that are always accredited. He believes a wrestler has to wrestle at the correct weight class in give to be successful and the more mentally tough wrestler wins if everything else is equal. Since it is know that the more mentally tougher wrestler wins, he states that the act of losing a lot of weight puts the wrestlers attend into a tougher state of mind. Many wrestlers believe the more weight they lose, the big they are compared to the rest of their competitors, which ultimately leads to more success. This is true in some cases, but only if the weight is obnubilate in a healthy amount of time and by maintaining a healthy diet. However, more likely than not the wrestlers entrust cargo deck until the last second and starve themselves for a long tip of time to make the weight, resulting in scare away and a lost ! of essential vitamins, which would result in brusque performance. There have...If you hope to get a full essay, tell it on our website:

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