Friday, February 7, 2014

Ap History

Before sophomore I year I include that I knew a lot approximately Greece but, once we started master in depth with Greece I found that I jaunty didnt know much at entirely. In this chapter it dialogue a lot about the similarities and differences of capital of Greece and S parta. I thought it was crazy that some(prenominal) city-states were Greek and were so close in remoteness and they were still so incompatible. In the Athenians culture women truly didnt have a say in what they did in their day-after-day biography and in Sparta women werent treated that differently than men. The women in capital of Greece couldnt vote, couldnt work, and couldnt take part in the humanistic discipline in Athens. In Sparta the women could go to instill and leave the home for entertainment. The cultures in the 2 city-states were precise different as well. In Athens they focused on the arts and in Sparta the focused on the military and power. The stories we take in in class I thou ght were insane when they talked about the educate that the young boys went through. How they would do anything even risk their life to non take out caught doing something wrong. The twain city-states had a lot of differences but, they in like manner had similarities. two(prenominal) of the city-states did work unitedly to defeat the Persian Empire in the Persian war. I found it very neat and sacred that even though both(prenominal) of the city-states had many differences that they still fought unneurotic to defeat a common enemy. Athens and Sparta were both the strongest civilization in Greece during the archaic age. The geography was similar as well. They both lived next to water had and a lot of mountains near them. The course the city-states handled the disadvantages were very similar. Since it was difficult to expand their civilization because of the mountains both Sparta and Athens colonized to make space for the growing population. Also they both traded over water instead of land. In conclusion the two! big power civilizations had many differences and similarities but through it all(prenominal) found ways to worked to stomachher as a...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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