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Nursing Theory

NURSING THEORY2006IntroductionNursing as a art has been defined as an applied science which involves a incomparable body of cognition utilizing principles from the physical , biological , and behavioral sciences (Piedmont Technical College , 2006 , space-reflection symmetry . 5 . The focus of treasure is health promotion maintenance , remedy , restorative , supportive and terminal c atomic offspring 18 to individuals and groups of all ages , winning into consideration the factors that influence them in their Technical College , 2006 , para . 5 . The central concern then in this job is the holistic personPhilosophical FoundationThe nature of the profession is grow in a philosophic foundation which is apparent in breast feeding theories and models developed in the past until the nonplus . One of the first theories to identify the philosophic foundation of care for as distinct from the medical profession was Florence Nightingale s deduct . Her theory , called the surroundal adaptation theory , emphasizes the role of environment as a factor in human health . Nightingale describe the nurses role in optimizing the environment for the uncomplaining role s healing (Shaner , 2004 pars . 103 . Although nursing is immersed in the empirical pragmatism of medicine , much of the work that nurses do cannot be quantified human-centred theories and models of nursing have been developed to describe , contend or verbalize the intangible and unquantifiable aspects of the profession (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth , 2005 br. 2Two large(p) humanistic models in nursing were developed by Patricia Benner and Margaret Newman . Benner , who was heavily influenced by the philosopher Martin Heidegger , stress on the phenomenological s of people as defined by their concerns , practices , and actio n experiences . Instead of analyzing how t! o do nursing , Benner posed the nous on how do nurses learn to do nursing Benner provided that the companionship embodied in the practical world is important for the nurse s skills and ability to care (Nurse Scribe , 2005 , para . 1 similarly , Newman defined health as an expanding awareness and provides that nursing as a profession involves recognizing the longanimous s unique pattern of life and to work within that pattern with the patient to achieve the patient s goals (Nurse Scribe , 2005 , para . 2 . In short beyond the clinical aspect of nursing , its philosophical foundation promotes the postulate to understand the patient within the broader environment that encompasses the patient s lifeThe indispensability for a Specific Knowledge BaseNursing as a profession needs to work within a specific friendship base The role and work of nursing , the fellowship , skills and attitudes prerequisite for effective nursing have been described as competencies These involve the ability to utilize many varieties of discourse demonstration of predisposition and gentleness , abilities of work organization , problem-solving and direction , qualities of accuracy physical structure , thoroughness and continuity . All of these are performed fit in to bewitch standards (Hird , 1995 , Valuing nursing para . 2 . Nursing theories are employ to describe , develop , disseminate and use present knowledge in nursing . The knowledge base provides a good example for nurses to deliver seamless care and uniformity on what to exact , what to observe , what to focus on , and...If you want to shoot a full essay, order it on our website:

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