Friday, February 7, 2014

This Is An Instance Of How Nursing Care

using Eriksons stages of organic evolution theories to explain the job for the refrain and their family and assist in helping the person in the scenario. distinguish from Eriksons development theories benignant development is defined into eighter distinct stages and some factor will influence ennobles development, for example, biological, psychological and social events. Personality development is psychosocial operation: internal psychological factors and external social factors ar frosty important. (Hoffnung et al 2010). Eriksons stages theories is very important for a cherish because that could help the nurse shake a deeper understanding of different stages of people so they could provide a better mission for the patient. The main character in the scenario is Doris, 86 years experient and John, 87 years old, have been married for 66 years and they have two daughters who are both married with their won families and a son who always stay overseas for his work. Doris deep send away over and fractured her hip, the hospital staffs are concerned as payable to Doriss reduced mobility and resultant incontinence, John is physic anyy inefficient to provide sufficient assistance and support at home. The family skirmish has made a decision that Doris needs to be admitted to an time-worn care facility for ongoing care. In this case, is involve the hale family, they are separate into two different human development stages. According to Eriksons stages of development theory, Doris and John are in the old age and they are face the problem of justness vs. despair, at this stage the task is to develop self legality with a minimal amount of despair. Their children are during the due appointee which is the stage seven, generativity vs. self- absorption at this stage generativity is very important, is an supplement of love into the future. It is a concern for the next generation and all told future generations (C. Boeree 2006). Eri ksons model of psychosocial development is a! very significant, overseer regarded and meaningful...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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