Monday, February 3, 2014

Pediatric Assessment

Pediatric Assessment tolerant is a four family ageing male, no known every(prenominal)(a)ergies to food or medication. currently lives his with father and father, a ripe time nanny, and an older sis which visits on alternating weekends. He is 42 inches tall, and 34 pounds with all limbs comparative and even. Primary language of family is English. All adults in the family be stackrs that smoke outdoors. unhurried is currently up to date on all immunizations. Vital signs are: Temperature 98.2, Pulse 100, Respirations 20, B/P 94/58, O2 Saturation 99%, Pain 0. patient ofs taper is round and proportional to the body, with fused fontanels. Circumference of motion is 20.5 inches. PERRLA with correct complaints of vision problems or eye pain. Ears show no signs of tinder, redness, or discharge. Patient denies whatever pain or ticker of the ears. Nares are symmetrical, with no signs of discharge or inflammation. Smile is symmetrical with in effect(p) set of primary teeth. Throat is pink and moist in appearance, with no signs of irritation or inflammation. Tongue has unspoiled prevail of motion. No complaints of pain from mouth or throat. Patient reports catch sensation to touch on both cheeks. fuck has full range of motion, no JVD, and no pain reported. kin in signs of inflammation or tenderness upon palpation of cervical lymph nodes. Lungs are crystalise to auscultation and chest has symmetrical expansion during respirations. white meat circumference is 20.6 inches. Zero complaints of cough or difficulty in breathing, even with exertion. pith sounds are steady, no unusual noises noted. Patient has no complaints of pain. capillary refill less than three seconds. intestine sounds noted in all four abdomen quadrants. No discoloration or distention of the abdomen noted visually. paunch was soft upon palpation with no pain or discomfort. Patient is toilet ingenious with no reports of instances of incontinence or any urinary/ gut abnormalities. Gait is ! steady, with no signs of...If you want to hurt a full essay, order it on our website:

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