Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Religion

p A All over the ara , reverence is a very influential aspect of hu human beingity lives . on that point are countless organized organized righteousnesss , including sects and cults , and although they may stick parallelism , to each 1 is different from the other each(prenominal) has its strong points and weaknesses . T here(predicate) is no whizz worship breathing today that puke be state to be absolutely true or amend . Our objective is non to challenge exist and established beliefs , tho to incorporate the strong points from different godliness and to diminish if non to eliminate , its flaws . It is to our single-valued function here to pass water a unseasoned devotion - a worship that can be express perfectIn the creation of a new religion , it is important to aim as to why , in the head start place , do we have a need of religion . Although religions around the reality have diferrences , they have a harsh shoot for . They judge to aswer disbeliefs that could otherwise non be answered by the context cognize to the physical world . Anthropologist professor Clifford Geertz said Man s religion is the intimately fundamental of his meaning systems because it is one which provides an answer to the most puzzling and basic questions of the existence itself . Without religion , that is to say without a basic meaning system , it is not merely that man cannot interpret the meaning of problems like expiration and suffering and unannounced events plainly he finds himself threa thuslyed with an uninterpretable universe . Without religion , interpretability collapses and man is immersed in chaos (Greeley , 15-16The most basic of these questions , and by chance the most hard to answer , is Why are we here , the very ground of our existence . Most believe that action has a ro utine . The idea that life has a purpose add! s to the hope or belief that life has a expenditure all its aver , that human lives have meaning . It is manage to say that life without purpose is worthless or nonsense(prenominal) . The purpose of human lives , not just of the individual , but in comparison to everyone else , is the basis of religion We shall begin , then , the creation of a new religion with this basisLife s purpose , in some religion like Judaism , Islam , and Christianity is to serve or to attempt the pleasure of a higher authority , a human body of idol . The worship of graven image or gods is one of the principal concepts of religion . The question as to why we are here may be answered by the belief of a god . For those believers , the god is an omnipotent being and the causality and that a god has created them and it is the creator s purpose for them to associate in the creator s glory . Often , the god or gods is otherworldly . A mortal is qualified to join the creator s glory depending on how well a person performs in this physical world . The belief of a god or gods , however , is not entirely universal . As we go along , we shall con if there is a indispensability of a...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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