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persuasion in the canon of American unravels, is often distorted, if non misunderstood, by readers, directors, and audiences. The distortion results from an overemphasis on the scenes involving Laura and Amanda and their plight, so that the typify becomes a soppy tract on the trapped misery of two women in St. Louis. This leads to the neglect of Toms soliloquies-speeches that can be send packingd or discounted exactly at great peril, since they occupy such a prominent position in the play. When not largely ignored, they ar in hazard of being treated as nostalgic yearnings for a causation sequence. But they are not drippy excursions into the past, paralleling Amandas, for while they chasten sentiment and nostalgia, they besides evince a pervasive humor and irony and, indeed, form and contain the full play. Judging from the reviews, the distortion of the play began with the pilot program production. The reviews deal more or less wholly with Laurette Taylor s doing, making Amanda seem to be the principal character, and nearly ignore the soliloquies.1 Even the passage of time has failed to correct this tendency, for many posterior writers also force the play out of focus by pushing Amanda forward.2 Among the original reviewers, Stark Young was one of the few who recognise that the play is Toms when he utter: The story ... all happens in the sons spirit long afterward .... He also accept that the doubting Thomas L. King has acted in three productions of Glass Menagerie. He is an ancillary Professor of English at Sweet sweetbriar College where he teaches the theatre courses and directs the colleges productions. 1 Lloyd Lewis, describing the Chicago production for the readers of The sore York Times, Jan. 14, 1945, II, p. 2, said that Eddie Dowling had brought back Laurette Taylor as a great character actress, called her implementation a tour de force, and, indeed, hardly mentioned anything but her performance in his review. John Mason Brown, when he reviewed t! he New York...If you want to surpass a full essay, order it on our website:

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