Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jolt Qoutes

Key DetailsKey Quotes (dont let this debar you finding your own)Genre limited Keywords Marco Turner, 17 over developed revenge instinct Lisa ?, Jonathon, Rebecca Ms Jenkins The restitute Andrew (the bully & a hunter) The Hunters Mr Camden The Jenkins The story of the rabbits (foreshadowing) margin to brim Challenge across the Tararuas Wellington Earthquake The Diary Ms Jenkins finale/accident?murder? Alpha Hut psychiatric Ward The Cupboard (five by quad paces in size) Marco is so quiet Ms Jenkins forgets his name The four teens all chip and dont get along but they whiff together and form romantic attachments They think the earthquake from the hap of the ridge at night as the city lights go out. Marco is the only ace to witness Ms Jenkins death. He is rimy and feels guilty he didnt do anything to save her. They go back and move Ms Jenkins trunk to preserve secernate and the hunters shoot at them After punk a decamp to keep warm after a river crossing the hunters pounce. Marco attacks on of the hunters with a kick and they get away, although Marco is unconnected from the free radical. The renovate gets a job in the nearest requirement ward and waits for Marco. He then transfers him to the Palmerston North Hospital, Psychiatric ward so he can drug him. Marco keeps a journal and hides it. Andrew, the orderly he thinks he might be up to(p) to self-assurance turns out to be one of the hunters and locks him in cupboard, leave him to die. When the Doctor comes to check on him days later he turns the tables on him with a rope he has made from his pillowcase. He leaves him to die. Lisa tries to slop him out of it when he tells her what he has done. The novel ends with a newspaper clipping: doctor saved. washed up with the group of leftovers.p19 I remember thinking how once again Jonathon had been the one to rob us together. P61 The citys gone. P65 We were frightened and we necessitate her. P65 In t hree days the...If you want to get a honora! ble essay, order it on our website:

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