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Dramatic Structure in "Romeo and Juliet" - Essay about foil characters in "Romeo and Juliet"

A look at the structure of a ask reveals how it has been impersonate together. The most important structural device in Romeo and Juliet is collocation for contrast. Shakespe atomic number 18 repeatedly puts ii different people or actions or words situation by side to heighten the differences betwixt them. Shakespeare uses foil characters to divine out the differences between them. unity causa of this is when he uses Rosaline as a foil character to equivalence to Juliet. The first issue you see when Rosaline is compared to Juliet is that Juliet is highly juvenile. To prove Juliets immaturity is when she is talking intimately non marring if she cant be married to Romeo. This is an immature thought because she is performing similar to a child binglerous to get whatever it hopes. other pair of foil characters is Benvolio and Mercutio. I pray thee, good Mercutio, lets retire...we sh only not scape a hostility; For now, these hot days, is the mad occupation stirring.[I II, i, 1& 3-4] This excerpt shows Benvolio is polished and not looking for trouble, conflicting Mercutio. This quote also demonstrates Benvolios smarts because one can see that he thought out the events that could potentially happen. Shakespeare places contrasting actions side by side to heighten tensity in conflicts and to move the espial along. A major employment of this is when it makes the transaction from Romeo and Juliets graceful wedding ceremony to the disturbing scene of Tybalts death. Tybalt, the apprehension that I have to write out thee Doth very much excuse the appertaining furore [III, i, 62& 63] This quote is utter by Romeo to Tybalt right before there brawl occurs. Romeo is vocalizing Tybalt that they shouldnt be fighting because they are now relatives; however Tybalt thinks Romeo is mock him. Another manakin is Juliets conjugal union turning into a funeral over night. This not only brings the play from happiness and wallow to depression and sadnes s, but it also moves the plot along a great ! deal. Shakespeare even uses contrast in words and images to propose out differences. An instance that this is used is when Capulet describes Juliets wedlock to her funeral. Turn from their business office to black funeral; Our instruments to melancholy bells. [IV, v, 88 & 89] This quote is Capulet changing all of the festive wedding materials and plans to gloomy funeral plans. One other example of this is when Romeo discovers Juliet for the first time. But soft! what blank through yon window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun! [II, ii, ] This shows this device of writings because Romeo is referring to Juliet as daytime and brightness to point out her beauty. Shakespeare amend his plays into much to a greater extent by use structural devices. such as apply foil characters, contrasting actions side by side, and by using contrast in words and images to point out differences. As one can see Shakespeare is an extremely sophisticated writer, which turns his plays i nto something much more than just a play. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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