Thursday, January 23, 2014

Folly Of Hubris

Marina Houlihan Ms. Gilman Eng. Honors B November 7, 2007 The Folly of Hubris In Mythology by Edith Hamilton, there are many mortals that make the mis cover of putting themselves on the kindred level as the gods. [Their] eager ambition along with [their] grand success lead [them] to think thoughts to great for man (Hamilton 190). This garish action is called the rage of hubris. Arachne , a phenomenal weaver, was in a competition with Minerva to compare weaving skills. Bellerophon believed that he could reach heaving Olympus while riding Pegasus and Salmoneus portrayed himself to his peers as Zeus. These mortals committed the foolishness of hubris; they all had a high price to pay for their arrogance. Arachne was gifted in the art of weaving. Her acts were so remarkable that observers genuinely much commented that she must have been trained by the goddess of weaving, genus Athene. Arachne was gross out at her outclassed ranking to genus Athene and proclaimed that Athena could not create works more beautiful. Athena was sort of impress at Arachnes bold claim, but she decided to reelect the unripe woman a chance to prove herself. Minerva take exceptiond Arachne to a challenge and Arachne accepted. Heaps of skeins of beautiful threads aslope like the rainbow present beside each, and of gold and silver to. Minerva did her best and the consequent w as marvel, but Arachnes work, finished at th! e same moment, was no way inferior (426). Athena was forced to admit that Arachnes work was flawless. Angered at the challenge, Athena then beat Arachne with her shuttle, Arachne was so angry she hanged herself. Athenas remorse...If you want to get a full essay, monastic order it on our website:

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