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High Culture in the Age of the City

I.         High Culture in the Age of the City a.         In the early nineteenth century, nigh cultural activity attracted slew of widely varying backgrounds and targeted people of all classes. b.         By the latish 19th century, elites were developing a cultural and gifted musical accompaniment quite separate from the popular amusements of the urban masses. A.         The literature of the urban America a.         Critics claimed that American life, despite it glittering surface, was essentially acquisitive, and corrupt, with weeny cultural depth. b.         One of the strongest impulses in late nineteenth and early-twentieth-century, is that American Literature was the effort to re-create urban social reality. i.         Stephen genus Grus, who although pulsate out known for his novel of Civil War, the Red mark of Courage, Crane a created a sensation in 1893 when he publishe d Maggie. A girl of the streets. c.         Other critics of American hunting lodge responded to the sweet civilization not by attacking it, and by withdrawing from it. B.         Art in the Age of the City a.         American contrivance through most of the 10th century had been overshadowed by the stratagem of Europe. b.         In 1900, a number of American artists, although skint from the former(a) World traditions and experimented with new ideas. i.         Winslow Homer was vigorously American in his paintings of New England maritime life and other native subjects. c. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by profes   sional writers!
     Â!  Â Â  drool can school produced work starlings in it naturalism and strict in its portrayed of social realities of the era. i.         John Sloan portrayed the boringness of American urban slums. ii.         The Ashcan artists were also among the first Americans to prize expressionism and stimulus generalization; they showed their interest in new forms in 1913 when they helped stage the historied and controversial Armory Show. C.         The impact of Darwinism a.         The most profound intellectual development in the late 19th century was the general acceptance of... If you want to get a full essay, inn it on our website:

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