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Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 Australian consitution more come to with power of governments instead than rights and obligations of citizens. coalition marked no break from the past. Australias self acknowledgement as british > ramifications on citizenship > all people born(p) in aust abos too became british area from moment the teetotum decalred sovereignty in 1788. British cubject hood believed to provide demand apparatus for cohesive citizenry provide defences for enemies within/ by -pp 155 white feminists desire equal citizenship coz lives were so hard circumscribed by mannish dominance> achieved political cognizance and rights of citizenship in a make for that stressed their continual habituation and need for security department * pp 156 abos: federation snuff forbidden promised path to citizenship, as women gained rights to vote abos lost it. Constitution confabulate they Not counted in census. Although classified citizens after 1948 thy were citizens w itout rights, lives held captive to class> every aspect of lives dictated by state intitiatrf surety and welfare laws. Late 1950s benefit from full striation about of social rights * pp157 citizen status officially bestowed 1948 nationality and citizenship act passed > primarly concerned with the naturalisation of non british migrants. Migrants not only discrimated against but force to pass around old cultures behind and adop aus way of life. Citizens prevented from holdin duple nationality pp160-1. Multiculturalism disrupts fixation with unanimity pp162. A central feature of aust citizenship: has been highly pragmatic excersise knowing to increase body count and shoot down up austs defences pp164. Formal acknowledge of land rights (wik and mabo) challenges sentiment of abos as citizens as it recognizes rights peculiar to them. In aust how ind rights relate to citixenships arouses debate. excuse for violation of rights was subject to laws as protecti ve measures. Pp 165 Aborigines treat that ! way coz of dictates...If you want to condense a full essay, ordination it on our website:

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