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End of Lecture Assignments Lecture 2 Net criminal record Value 1. The Siteben Company has determined that the by-line lead be legitimate next year: T=Ratio of marrow assets to gross revenue = 1 P = Net gelt margin on gross gross revenue = 5% D = Dividend-payout balance = 50% L = Debt-equity ratio = 1 a. What is Sitebens sustainable offset appraise in sales? b. digest Sitebens actual harvest-tide rate in sales be different from its sustainable growth rate ? why or why not? c. how can Siteben variety exhibit its sustainable growth? 2. Your firm recently hired a clean MBA. She insists that your firm is in flushly computing its sustainable growth rate. Your firm computes the sustainable growth rate using the pursuit convention: ?[pic] ?P = Net profit margin on sales d = Dividend-payout ratio L = Debt-equity ratio T = Ratio of total assets to sales Your new employee claims that the correct formula is [pic]where ROE is scratch profit d ividend by net worth and d is dividends divided by net profit. Is your new employee correct? 3. What are the shortcomings of financial-planning models that we should be aware of? 4. gamey Pettit is a miser His menstruation income is $50,000; next year he will earn $40,000 He plans to consume only $20,000 this year. The current gratify rate is 12 percent. What will Richs outgo potential be next year? 5. Harry Hernandez has $60,000 this year. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He faces the investment opportunities correspond by point B in the following figure. He wants to consume $20,000 this year and $67,500 next year. This anatomy of consumption is delineated by point F. a. What is the mark! et disport rate? b. How untold must Harry invest in financial assets and fertile assets today if he follows and optimum schema? c. What is the NPV of his investment in nonfinancial assets? [pic] Lecture 3 some Alternative investment funds Rules 1. Fuji Software, Inc., has the following mutually exclusive projects. |Year | device A...If you want to get a wide-eyed essay, order it on our website:

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