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Melida MedinaProfessor Power Reacting to the PastMarch 13, 2012 Writing assignment: Outline sc solelyywag 89: Letter to Serene Cosmo de Medici * Galileo starts the letter by praiseful those who leave protected the innocents who discovered parvenue things or chance upon new information and were viewed as a threat with issue universe it (such as Galileo himself, even though he doesnt component startle it). * Recalling on ways in which we have shown our thankfulness end-to-end the ages with statues and such, in point telling Serene Prince that he conk out have the greatest of all treasures, his name in a place in the heavens. * Telling Serene Prince about the quaternion stars that have been named after(prenominal) a person with as oft integrity as his highness. These stars be like no other. They are notwithstanding moons that orbit Jupiter at great velocity and plenty the sunlight every x years. Galileo overly enforces the idea of the Sun as the center of our universe. * Galileo informs the Prince that it was God himself that decided for the stars to name after his highness. Galileo also goes on praising the qualities by which Serene Prince was elect out of others. Galileo also calls himself unworthy because he was not chosen to t individually Serene Mathematics. * Galileo is giving Serene the stars as cost to be added to his family. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Page 90-106: The Starry Messenger * Galileo is counting the tot of stars through and through his telescope that doesnt change daub relative to each other. He noticed that the stars are ten times bigger than when it was discovered an d viewed through the naked eyes. * He i! s also flavour at the Moon and calculated its keep from the earths diameter. He notices all the rough patches on the Moon and its nettlesome surface. Also finds like characteristics in the Moon that can be found in Earth. * Galileo gives a brief intro on the findings that he leave later elaborate. He testifies that it was Gods grace which instruct his mind. * Galileo first heard of the idea of...If you destiny to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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