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Romeo and Juliet : Describe the main idea in your text and explain what you learned from it

?Romeo and Juliet? is an Elizabethan tackle of tragedy, written by William Shakespe be. Romeo and Juliet is ab by 2 ?star-crossed? fuckrs, of feuding households, who die for the ultimate price of fill in, and individually an a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal). Shakespeare communicates the underlying briny nous of come through tell apart the m any distinct forms of chicane which appear through the fetch. heterogeneous characters in the twist talk of dear from many different points of ingest to it. We are sh steer in that non of all timeyone?s panorama of get along is the same, and this can create contest when communication honestly ab come on the sensitive subject. We calculate that deep, wild, and quixotic love is the purest of all the various forms, and can be more powerful than genuine hatred, and even death. Intellectual, or fake, love is a normal form of love in at once?s auberge. It is where a person is in love with the idea of creation in love, an d not the actual person they may be with at the time. Romeo experiences this before he meets Juliet, and currently with Rosaline. Be score of this he didn?t know of truthful love. This point is proven when Juliet says to Romeo that he ?kiss[es] by the book?. This shows he knows of no passion or emotion. Romeo knows no other way because he has neer been in true love such as his love for Juliet. When Romeo firstborn invites Juliet, he says ?did my heart love till now?? This abduce shows us that he was questioning if in fact he has ever been in true love before; which he wasn?t, solitary(prenominal) in love with the idea of existence in love. We take aim the everyday fault of teenage love; that it is predominantly expert love. We also meet how fast we can fall break of intellectual love; proving loving love is the purest form. Another common form of love is physical or earthy love, where the prodigal is built on physical attraction and sex only. 2 Mercutio and the nanny-goat try love in this bawdy way. As ! Romeo jumps over the orchard wall to Juliet, Mercutio says ?I conjure thee by Rosaline?s bright eyes, by her high forehead and her florid lip?. Mercutio thinks Romeo is going to see Rosaline and mocks Romeo for his assimilate on amorous love; speaking of Rosaline in a very physical, emotionless, and dishearten way. Mercutio believes Romeo views love the same way as him, while in reality they are virtually opposites. The hold dear, like Mercutio, sees love as sex or producing children, and views love in the same naked way. The Nurse advises Juliet that ?Romeo?s a discl step to the fore to [Paris]? and that Paris ?excels your first?. The Nurse is only trying to comfort Juliet, by sharing her hold views and thoughts, and stating that Paris would be a better provider, or father, because of his posture and power. Nevertheless the Nurse f anguishs, as nobody understands Romeo and Juliet?s impassioned love. We get wind that it is often hard for people with different views of l ove to communicate openly and honestly more or less love, without others organism ail or misunderstood. A not so common view of love today is financial love; where people see marriage as a financial transaction to well(p) their futurity fond and economic dismissment. manufacturing business and doll Capulet net cause to hook up with Juliet off to Paris, for the social and monetary advantages in being linked to the Prince, through Paris. The Lord and Lady view love as just an optional extra to marriage. Lord Capulet spells out Juliet?s situation to Paris, ?within her scope of choice lies my take on and fair according voice?. Juliet is an heiress, and her father does not particularize to enrich any, tho a husband of his choosing. Although, when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, her parents are furious. Lady Capulet states that she has ?done with thee?, and not to talk to her, for she willing ?not speak a word?. Lord Capulet is scandalise and threatens Juliet that ? tie thee to church on Thursday or never by and by look me in! the face?. Since the Lord and the Lady, and Juliet don?t have the same views on love, the Lady and the Lord finds Juliet?s rejection as an insult to their hard turn over finding a suitable husband, to both their likings and a preen who will advance them in that day?s social hierarchy. Also, there is no or little love amidst Juliet and her parents, as they see her as an economic asset for their private gain. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Again, Romeo and Juliet are disjunct as no one understands their love. We learn through stalwart times, passionate and romantic love prevails supra the disappointment, line of businessing views, and privation of love from those w e look up to, our parents. The final form of love, the about important, passionate and romantic love is the contrast of all other views and forms of love. Romeo?s and Juliet?s love is stray from the other characters; as it is shown as eternal and pure. Their love for individually other is overpower; it controls them, and will soon lead them to their tragedy. Romeo and Juliet?s love is show in many metaphors and similes. Romeo compares Juliet to ?rich bejewel in an Ethiop?s ear?, and Juliet speaks that you could cut him out in little stars, and he ?will make the face of enlightenment so mulct that the world will be in love with dark?. This expresses their rich, true, intense, and passionate love. Their love for each other supersedes all other emotions, loyalties, and values. As Mercutio is at his death rear end he wishes ?a plague on both your houses?. Romeo and Juliet?s all-consuming love breaks the hefty friendship between Romeo and Mercutio. We learn that passionate and romantic love is more pure and true than any other vi! ew of love. Although we are shown that this love can smash other smashing love, such as friends, family, and rulers. Love is be stronger than hatred, stronger even than death, the behave is almost as much about hatred as it is about love. It seems to be an important center in the play than love is even stronger than the power of flock; love has taught society a lesson. The audience knew from the start of the play that the two lovers would die, but their deaths hold hopes for the future. Love has changed the world of Verona. We learn that the power of true, passionate, and romantic love overcomes all different forms of love, hatred, death, and fate. RS If you motive to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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