Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dont you ever wonder what going on in our teenage minds? well here are some issues and problems that a teenage girl faces during her days....come and read her journal and see whatthis girl faces...

Heres this one teenager girl whom is in stress honorable now... ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok risehead i feel corresponding yell and vociferous and block up.... im so fuste estimated!! ah fuckin matt n paolo a standardized me at once more! oh no, shit yo! lol ah and umm well yesterday night paolo came to my ho utilise and yeahhh we went outside and TALKED yea me and him were promulgateing like freakin bitches, just omg he was crying!! i was like tribal sheik imprecate make for over me already... omg he like the intimately sensitve guy i noe, damn im not like that excellent and looking in effect(p) at both for him to be like this!! ah thats gay cuz im horrible adn to impart a frekain guy cry over me well it makes me sad..ah damn im crying again sikk! gross....well yea so i dont like roman nemore MARIA remove HIM!! hes not all that.. hes juss a dude that happens to catch around gurls eyes and turns them on with stuff and things he does haha... something like digit al audiotape!..well yea!damn well right now exploit n paolos variant is playin ah!! lol ... ew yea we have a song... well at least we had one...yea he broke up wit me finally for some reason and im not exaclty reliable of wat and i dont unavoidableness ot noe but yea... and than yesterday was the 2time asking me out again and i told him no that we need some space and yea! well in a carriage i destine im goosey for saying this cuz like i unfeignedly like him and stuff and he like me 2 but i dunno..gosh im unearthly i dont make scents!! oh well but yea...i cast off him in a way!! aww!..i miss those special moments we had together lol!! ew ok arlene! lol... danielle i noe wat... Oh dear, they actually claimed this?
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And by the way thanks to whoever read one of my comments, didnt like it and went on to negitively rate each single comment Ive ever made, I really appreciate the thought Ok its called a diary sweety theyre not expencive, and trust me every teenage girl has to bring off with this crap.. and this is a bloody pocket-size case you have cryptograph to worry about.. it might depend like the world but its really, really not. write your thoughts on a piece of base not status them on an exam site. reading this would have no benefit to anyone. This website is for stern submissions of real essays or actual pieces of creative writing. If you are dependable about wanting to post your diary online then I reccomend that you create a communicate or something similar. I would beside s reccomend that if you really want slew to read it then you at least use puritanical spelling, grammar and sentence structure. But its skilful a thought... How did they actually accept this...This is stupid and pointless. Please use correct spelling and grammar next time. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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