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Culture And The Culture-learning Process

Resource Information1st Resourcehttp /www .ed .arizona .edu /serp404-504 /Ch2-summary 20for 20discussioncirc le .htmCulture and the Culture-Learning Process 1 . Exploring the taste of acculturationDefinitionsCulture- refers to human-made part of the environment . It determines hoi pollois thoughts , ideas , patterns of interaction . Culture may be determined by geography , ethnicity , language or religionSubculture-a chummy sort with sh atomic number 18d characteristics that distinguish it from a big pagan classifyMicroculture- social group that shares distinctive traits values and ports that bunch it by from a sustain macroculture of which it is apart . It is a linkage with the parent cultureMinority group- social group that occupies a subordinate locating in societyEthnic group- groups who share a common heritag ePeople of Color- nonwhite minority group members , simply reflects recent demographic realities of the USA2 . Commonalities in Definitions of CultureHumans Construct culture- the knowledge roughly life and manner it is presented determines the centre culture will shit upon us Behavioral patterns are an example (litteringCulture is shared- pagan ideas and understandings are shared by a group of spate who agnise the knowledge , attitudes and values of one another . cultural appointment is transmitted from one generation to the nextCulture is quarry and subjective- objective (visual patent elements (ie , food , clothes , subjective (invisible (ie attitudes , values , norms of behaviorCulture is nurtured- it involves nurturing , development Enculturate an item-by-item , exposure to arts , literature , dance3 . Applying the concept of CultureCulture-specific approaches- filtrate information about a particular group of people , unremarkably by race , ethnicity , religion or genderCulture-general approach- effect of! culture on the individual and on the interface or interaction between individuals of different groups . Universal and applies to all cultural groupsThemes from cross-cultural Psychology1 . People tend to communicate their cultural individualization to others in the broadest possible terms2 . Because we are all multicultural our cultural identity is dynamic and always changing3 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
While culture is building complex and inconstant , it is nevertheless patterned4 . Interactions with other cultures can be imageed as a resource for understanding5 . Behavior should be judged in congeneric to its context6 . Persons belongings a mult icultural perspective continually get through to visualise common ground between individuals4 . The Culture-Learning ProcessWhat is learned : The sources of cultural KnowledgeSex /Gender- land up is culturally delineate on a set of physical characteristics . Gender is culturally defined in terms of socially valued behaviors that are assigned match to sex .Gender includes knowledge of how boys and girls should behaveHealth- culturally defined gibe to a particular group s view of what physical , mental and delirious states constitute a healthy personAbility /Disability- culturally defined according to society s view about what it means to be physically , emotionally and mentally able . Refers to mental and physical characteristicsSocial Class- culturally defined on the criteria (wealth education , power ) on which a person or social group may be ranked in relation to others in a societyEthnicity /Nationality- ethnicity is defined to the knowledge , beliefs , and behavior p atterns shared...If you want to get a wide-cut essay! , order it on our website:

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