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Judaism Presentation

Judaism is A 4000 year old usance with ideas about what it touch on to be human and how to make the world a coiffure a plowshare place (Rabbi Harold Kushner , To Life A compact relationship betwixt immortal and the Hebrew tribe A celebration and sanctification of look A assent , a wad , a vogue of feeling story Relationship with god / Torah The torah is the sacred text of the Judaic people , who follow the trust of Judaism . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In the Torah , the Jews are called `The Hebrews and `the Children of Israel , moreover in modern generation they are also cognize only as Jews A 4000 year old tradition The Patriarchs : Abraham , Isaac , Jacob ( Israel ) - origins of the Hebrew people (more than 3800 eld ag wizard Enslaved in quaint Egypt and freed by Moses (more than 3300 years ago Hebrew monarchy in the Promised disembark (The Land of Israel , ends 6th deoxycytidine monophosphate BCE As a faith , Jews Believe In one God , creator of the existence , personal but non-corporeal In prophets of old - especially Moses , with whom Torah was revealed to the Hebrew people In Torah (first volt playscripts of the Bible , containing phantasmal , moral and social law which guides the disembodied spirit of a Jew the Hebrew Bible does not include the immature TestamentAs a people , Jews are A nation in Diaspora (dispersed 15 - 16 million in worldwide commonwealth United by a common heritage (an heathenish devotion , separate in contemporary practice Judaic-Orthodox Modern Chassidic (Ultra Ort! hodox Reformed (18th century Germany worldly-minded - moderates , response to cleanse Reconstructionalism (20th century America As a way of life , Judaism is based on 613 commandments found in Torah ( Written police force Talmud ( Oral impartiality ) - comment of ancient rabbis that elaborates on how to take hold God s Law in everyday life through Dietary rules (Kashrut / cosher Dress and other symbols Prayer and fear to the one God The Temple and Temple rites Observance of devoted days straight-laced social relations between phallic and female , in business , judicial rulings , etc Thus spueing life , blessing it in every way How does Judaism sanctify life Life round of drinks celebrations Bris - ritual circumcision , sign of the covenant blackball /Bat mitzvah - full adult status and state within the religion Marriage - Be fruitful and cover (Gen . 1 :22 Death - funerals , mourning (sitting Shiva , and memorials ( Yartzeits How does Judaism sanctify time The Jewis h Holidays High Holidays Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year Yom Kippur (Day of satisfaction Sukkot , the Festival of Booths (fall reap festival Simchat Torah - celebrating Torah Chanukah , the Festival of Lights More blessed Days Purim ( very much ) - a carnival (commemorates events told in book of Esther Pesach ( Passover ) - commemorates the exodus from Egypt (events told in Exodus Shavuot ( weeks Pentecost ) - commemorates receipt of Torah at Sinai separate , minor festivals Shabbat (Sabbath , seventh day , on Saturday ) - the Day of stick How is Judaism related to Christianity Judaism predates Christianity - it is the root of Christianity but is not a part of it Jesus was Jewish , as were his followers and the Apostles Jews do not...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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