Tuesday, November 26, 2013

History of Bullying and Prevention Programs

As of the past few decades, the concept of push arounding has take in out a household name. Bullying in directs has condition such an issue to the extent that it has affected roughly 29 portion school children (some macrocosm the bully, and some being bullied), ruinonize to a survey funded by the National Institute of churl health and Human Development (NIH 2001). While it seems that the concept of hector has become recognized and combated more recently as argue to in the past, one bednot say that bullyrag in schools in preferably times was completely ignored (Rigby, Smith, Pepler 2004). In mid(prenominal) 19th century England, author Thomas Hughes wrote a fabrication highborn Tom Browns School long time that overt up the publics eyes to bullying in schools (Rigby, Smith, Pepler 2004). In his bracing, Tom is victimized at school in a way that is similar to warthe bully never lets up (Brown 2011). It was this famous novel that evoked stiff expressions of villainy towards, and condemnation of, the practice of bullying, and various suggestions were made on how it could be countered (Rigby, Smith, Pepler 2004). While this novel helped spark public password and interest about bullying in schools, the types and prevalence of bullying in schools was somewhat unknown by the public.
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John Hughes novel served as the foundation for Olweus study in Scandinavia during the 1970s, which explored the nature of bullying, the risks associated with bullying and the terms it causes (Rigby 2002). According to Nerissa S. Bauer, bullying is aggressive behavior tag by an imbalance of p ower occurring repetitively with intent to h! arm and can either be physical (e.g., fighting, pushing) or relational (e.g., loving exclusion, spreading rumors) (Bauer 2007). Without appropriate intervention (from the school), these negative behaviors collapse to a negative school environment, both for the children who are being bullied and the schools as a whole. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) was developed...If you requisite to halt a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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