Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Outsiders

WHY IS THIS RELATIONSHIP IMPORTANT? Karls obsessive ire and actions show the topic of betrayal and how obsession prat be destructive to commonwealths lives both their own and those around them. His obsession with surfboarding prevents him from having a real demeanor. Also that outsiders often have instigate finding acceptance in cliquey sm solely townspeople NZ. Justine illustrates the theme of naivety or innocence and also obsession. She is obsess with Karl and is attracted to him largely because he is contrastive and provides some excitement and swop in her monotonous life. Due to Justines naivety and her obsession with Karl, she is left field fraught(p) and alone. Karl can not settle down anywhere because he is selfish and obsessed with surfing. This relationship helps show the destructive burden that obsession can have on your life, whether it be with a person, sport or some former(a) interest. Quote: all the photos had been taken from the walls, all excep t one of two people travel on the beach.
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for him riding the waves was not a sport, it was a life force he might leave and that legal sound judgement was unbearable to her the beach and the little house became their entire humans This negative and quite catastrophic ending helped me understand get around the portrayed idea of how native and hasty decisions can be almost detrimental in some cases and that everyone needs to be careful before chargeing into things. If we look back we can check that everything between Karl and Justine happened so fast, It was September, and they had known each other for vol t months, when she learned that what could b! e was true. When we think about how we rush into things we top how foolish it can be, yet all of us do exactly that without a second thought in different situations.If you want to get a full essay, nine it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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