Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A History of the World in Six Glasses

In this essay, I bequeath describe how Tom Standages text, A History of the domain in Six Glasses, discusses the birth between beer and drink expenditure and how they were utilise in the Mesopotamian, quaint Egyptian, Greek and Roman societies for social, economical and spiritual purposes. Beer and wine were used for many ghostthe likes of purposes. in that location are no pen records of the discovery of either one. there are many myths, from diverse cultures, which, explain how the theologys invented beer and then marched piece how to make it, (Standage 19). The frontmost say of the use of wine dates affirm to 5400 BCE (Standage 47). It was considered a gift from the gods because the sue of fermentation occurred on its testify and was not understood. One of the religious uses of beer, was as an offering to the gods; this brush aside be seen across confused beer- drinking cultures. The Egyptians besides believed that their well-being in the afterlife depended on having an qualified supply of bread and beer, (Standage 38). As a result they hide the dead with jars of beer and drawings related to beer fix been found in Egyptian tombs.\nWine has been mentioned in religious stories. In the bible Noah is verbalize to have planted the rootage vineyard on the Zagros Mountains. In another story we detect that Christs first miracle was converting water into wine. Ancient Egyptian and ancient Roman cultures tell apart similar stories. The Egyptian god of wine Dionysus and his Roman opposite number Bacchus are also associated with wine converting miracles and resurrection (Standage 85). There are also similarities between the traditions of Dionysus, Bacchus and Christ because, like Christians [these cultures], regarded wine drinking as a form of saintly communion (Standage 85).\nSumerian depictions of beer, from the trine millennium BCE, generally show two people drinking through straws from the same vessel, (Standage 18). These pictures evince the social import... If you want to watch a full essay, nightclub it on our website:

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